ViralWall™ - Revolutionary Air Purifier

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The ViralWall is a CE and FCC Certified by a third-party laboratory

ViralWall™ cleans the air from airborne bacteria and viruses and creates an invisible air screen between people to prevent the spread of harmful airborne particles.

Kill Viruses
Eliminates pathogens by electrifying graphene filter and proved 99.85% effective against human coronavirus (hCov-OC34)

Social Distancing
Creates an invisible air screen between areas and people to enforce social distancing

Graphene Filter
First air purifier using the wonder material graphene to deliver superior filtering results

Air Exchange Capacity
Recycles the air 8 x per hour in a 50sq.ft protection bubble

30-Day Money Back
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. Not including shipping


Social Distancing the Easy Way

Get back to work safely, create safe zones between people


You need to see this!

ViralWall™’s Air-Wall shows superior protection over common solutions. The ViralWall™ uses a laser-induced graphene filter developed by LIGC that filters the particles. After filtration, the clean air is ejected out from the top of the unit creating an air curtain that helps to prevent aerosol exchange between the two sides.



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