Kronos AIR 5G Model 5

Patented Air Purifier for Home or Office - Kronos AIR 5G Model 5 Ionic Air Purifier with Washable Filter. No need to replace HEPA Filters, Eco-friendly, silent, with advanced Technology that Kills 99.98% Microscopic Mold, Bacteria, Smoke & Pet Allergies.

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Cleans and removes microscopic particles as small as 14.6 nanometers. Most allergens and bacteria are over 30 nanometers in size and so are easily removed by the powerful Kronos® AIR 5G®

Air Purification


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What Makes It Different!


Space-age Technology

The latest futuristic Graphene Material, which is applied in space technology, is at the heart of X5 and right at the leading edge of filtration technology.

The Graphene Material enables the Collecting Plate to be superconductive, making X5 the most effective filtration system on the market whilst being 200% lighter! This is a first for air purifiers!


Annihilates Micro-Organism

TPA® creates an Ionic Field that zaps all micro-organisms down to 0.0146µm (6 times smaller than other air purifiers). All these zapped wastes are sticks to the collecting plates like magnets.

X5 would not only capture, but actually eliminate micro-organisms, and with Kornos X5 we’ve achieved a filtration rate of 99.99% micro-organisms, 99.99% PM 2.5, 99.0% formaldehyde & VOCs, with the remaining particles being securely contained.


Collects Particles like Magnet

The ionic field acts as a powerful magnet, attracting harmful particles, common allergens such as pollen, pet dander, and dust, and filtering them down to 0.0146 microns (6x smaller than other air purifiers’ filters).


Washable Filter, 100% Reusable

The most vital and expensive components of other air purifiers are the air filters and in order to remain effective, you need to replace these regularly which, in traditional purifiers can get very costly. Kornos X5 is equipped with the World's First Washable Filter that is easy to wash and fast to dry.

It is even dishwasher safe!

The space-age properties of the Graphene material making X5 completely durable that perform consistently time after time.

The X5 has little downtime even after washing the filters, the Graphene infused filter is Fast-drying that will dry within 20 minutes!

Powerful Turbine

Also powerful are the unit’s revolutionary turbine rotation fans that suck the dirt and blow out clean air in huge volume, even though the unit itself is far quieter and smaller. Once again Airdog X3 shows off its enhanced performance!

Optimized Air Circulation

Airdog’s advanced “3D Circulated Purification” fans are designed to distribute clean air to every corner of the room powerfully and consistently.

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