The Kronos Air Purifier uses state of the art ionic wind technology that could filter particles down to 14.6 nm which is far beyond the 0.3 microns that traditional HEPA could filter.

The high electrical field inside the Kronos air purifiers generates high energy plasma field, which is very powerful in killing all bacteria and virus; it is different from HEPA that mold/bacteria are growing on filters, but Kronos kills it all.

Kronos uses non-consumable collecting plates, which you simplify wash it by hands or by dishwasher rather than spending money and changing filters all the time.

Kronos is whisper quiet during sleep mode as its collection plates has much lower flow resistance as compared with HEPA Filters.

Kronos is environmental green solution. We do not add burden to the environment, and we have very low power consumptions.

Ozone removal filter

We will remove ozone concentration to 0.005ppm, which is lower than the Japanese safety standard of 0.04ppm.

Dust collection filter

Adsorbs charged pollutants up to 0.0146 μm.

Ionized wireframe

Creates an electromagnetic field and charges pollutants with positive ions.


Removes large dust and hair.