Kronos Car Air Purifier - Washable Filters - Patented TPA Technology to Remove air pollutants, smoke, allergens, Harmful Bacteria & Viruses. For healthy in-cabin air.

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The most Advanced Car Air Purifier with Washable Filters - Patented TPA® technology to Capture and Remove, air pollutants, smoke, allergens, Harmful Bacteria and Viruses. Maintain healthy in-cabin air quality.

Introducing Car Air Purifier Our cars are extensions of our homes. Breathe clean air wherever the road takes you with the most revolutionary car air purifier on the market - the Air Purifier . Made with Kronos Technology. 

Breathe Clean Air, Anywhere
Powerful, portable, affordable, Waste-Free Technology

Based on patented KRONOS Technology


Introducing TPA® Technology
Beyond traditional ionic technology, Krono's patented TPA® technology is tested as the most effective clean air solution on the market. Kronos destroys and eliminates down to .0146 micron and is a waste free solution to your dirty air problems. Learn more about how Kronos changes the way we breathe.


Kronos is the air Purifier for Smoke, Allergies & Mold

Kronos Air Purifier for allergies puts your health first! The air we breathe matters most - our health and wellbeing depends on it! According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 13 people suffer from asthma and over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year.

We’ve collaborated with a group of expert engineers in Silicon Valley to protect you from the dangerous particles that pollute our indoor air everyday and cause disease.