Kronos Air 5G - Model 3

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This Space-age Technology allows X3 to collect particles down to 0.0146µm (6 times smaller than other air purifiers)!

Airdog ensures that clean air is the norm rather than a luxury. Its 3 layers Washable Filters value equates to zero dollars in running cost whilst eliminating 99.9% of all micro-organisms, 99.9% PM 2.5, and 99% Chemical Toxins in the air at homes. 

Airdog represents an unbeatable combination - unrivaled performance, design, and technology, at a family-affordable price.  

    1. Height: 520 mm (20.5")
    2. Width: 260 mm (12")
    3. Power: 27W
    4. Voltage: 13V
    5. Weight: 11 lbs
    6. CADR: 200 m3/hr 
    7. Odor & VOC Filter: 1kg (2lb) of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
    8. Filter Life: Forever
    9. Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth, Over-The-Air Updates, iOS App, Android App.

    • Kronos Air 5G Air Purifier is the future of advanced clean air solution without need for disposable (HEPA) filters.
    • The Kronos Air 5G air purifier puts your health and environment first. You’ll stop inhaling everyday indoor air pollutants with its ionic wind filtration technology. Breathe cleaner air compared to the traditional air purifiers on the market (like HEPA ). This also takes the Kronos Air 5G virtually silent. Plus you’ll save time, money and the planet with our energy efficient and waste free design.
    • Super Smart Auto Mode
      • Auto Air Detection
      • Auto Speed Adjust
      • Smart 3D air flow
    • Easy-peasy Operation
      • One button control
      • App Smart connect
      • Real-time AQI (Air Quality Index) read
    • Super Cozy Sleep Mode
      • Whisper silence
      • Auto night light
      • Kid security lock

    Our revolutionary Ionic Wind technology cleans smaller particles(down to 0.0146 microns) than any of the more classic air purifiers without consumables (think HEPA purifiers that use disposable paper filters), which means less indoor pollutants will find their way into your lungs.