Kronos AIR 5G Model 8

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Kronos Technology

Our revolutionary Kronos technology cleans smaller particles(down to 0.0146 microns) than any of the more classic air purifiers without consumables (think HEPA purifiers that use disposable paper filters), which means less indoor pollutants will find their way into your lungs.


Independent non-disruptive air passage with super strong 800 CADR cleansing power, capable of cleaning up to 96 m2 size bedroom, living room or office. 800 m3/h CADR for Particulate Matters 320 m3/h CADR for Formaldehyde Chemicals.



Kronos Air 5G - Model 8's  reusable filter is easy-to-wash in a dishwasher or by hand. No disposable, paper HEPA filters that need to be replaced.



With the Kronos App, you can: Remotely control your Model 8. Turn on, off, set to sleep mode, child lock, and adjust filtration settings. Track air quality in your home or office and see how it stacks up against the air outdoors.

Size: 30(H)*15(L)*15(W) inches /76cm*38cm*38cm

Applicable Area: 1000 SQF

Item Weight: 43 lb 19.7Kg

CADR(PM2.5): 500 CFM

CCM Particle/ Formaldehyde: P4/F4

Noise Level: <63 dB(A)

Rated Power: 110

This order arrives in two separate shipments. 

  • 5 Levels of CADR Selections (300,500,600,700 and 800)
    •  Allows setting on the fly for required functions and the option to switch off the display LED even without activation of the sleep mode.
  • Built-In Detachable Multi-Sensors
    • A real-time display monitoring the surrounding major air pollutions such as PM 2.7, Formaldehyde, temperature and humudity levels.
  • Super Low Noise
    • Only at 39db at 305 CADR, lower than what’s required of nursing homes. For residential environments, less than 59db for 750 CARD.
  • The World’s healthier most eco-friendly purifier.
  • Airdog A8 is the future of advanced clean air solution without need for disposable (HEPA) filters.
  • Cleans a 300 sqf room in < 6mins.