KronosATI mini

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KronosATI mini

It's become dangerous to breathe in an increasingly dangerous world . Imagine being in a bubble of clean pure air wherever you go NOT just negative ions (many inferior units on the market) E-PUREAir® is built on Kronos proprietary technology that combines massive ionic output including super oxygen featured on Dateline and Oprah show. NOW vastly improved with USB charging eliminates costly batteries. 
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Personal pure air supply where ever you BREATH 24 hours a day
Airport / Class room / child care
Stop breathing contagious germs and viruses others exhale into your breathing space
This personal wearable Air Purifier by KRONOS® is your inhalation defense against virus, bacteria, mold, allergens, smoke and other harmful airborne particulates. Insist on pure air wherever you go. Unit comes with a neck cord and a lithium battery.
Air Supply Mini-Mate Personal Ionic Air Purifier
This ultra-light miniature wearable personal air purifier creates a no smog zone around your breathing space that destroys bacteria and viruses plus eliminates odors, chemical contaminants, and dust and second hand smokes. Our original model was recommended on Oprah and approved by Good Housekeeping consumer research.