SilentNight Air Cleaner

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New air purifier purifies the air 83% better than noisy HEPA air purifiers.
Runs silent

Moves large volumes of air with no fan
Destroys the most harmful pollution that HEPAs do not
Destroys pollution 1,000 times smaller than HEPA s can collect
The SilentPURE Air™ destroys indoor pollutants plus much more. It destroys the worst “lung piercing” micron-sized pollutants that HEPAs do not which gets into your lungs. It also destroys all odors. Your air smells mountain fresh. The SilentPURE Air™ uses an Ion-drive engine to drive air silently. With no fan, it moves over 130 cubic feet of air per minute through your unit silently. You can have it sitting next to your bed without being disturbed by loud, noisy HEPAs. It’s completely silent yet it moves an entire room’s air through the filter every 15 minutes.

Ion-Drive engine silently moves over 130 cubic feet of air per minute
Purifies an area up to 650 sq. ft.
It drops particulates in the air from millions per square foot to virtually 0.
Lightweight at only 5 ½ lbs.
Ultra portable so you can take anywhere
Comes with 2 slide-in filters
Low wattage adaptor
CARB Compliant

Dimensions: 14” H x 11” W x 5 1/2” D
Power Usage: 45 Watts
Weight: 5 1/2 pounds
Power Output: 26 V DC